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Life is beautiful

Catching the Atmosphere

Optimism is the per curser of creativity. Pessimism is the direct opposite of optimism

Luck favours the brave.

"Ghin ruhek halli Alla jghinek" - Help yourself so that God does his part

What's the story? (Morning Glory) - :)

The success of an image is measured by its ability to transmit the message and emotion of its creator.

The closer to the action, the better the image

No design without content

No content without design

For photography, you need a velvet hand and a hawk's eye

The only sure thing which might be real in a photograph is the artist's emotion and message

Photography has little to do with the things you see but everything to do with the way you see them

The difference between photography and painting is the realism

A true photographer does not talk much about his/her equipment

Photography is one of the easiest medium to become competent in, but one of the hardest media to have a personal vision

It is all about a personal vision. A true artist believes in his/her vision

It is important to separate subject matter from object matter. But subject matter is not the object in your frame: that's the object matter. What you want to communicate, your message, your idea, that is the subject matter.  Light and time are the decisive elements in a photograph that define emotion, hence the subject matter. The object matter is decisive in creating aesthetics in your photograph.

In fine-art photography, the subject matter is not the object matter.

I love it when things come together and that I am there to capture that decisive moment

An artist should be judged not by one piece of work but by his/her body work, his/her vision and his ability to renew him/herself

Life is beautiful

Untitled photo
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